Pastoral Support

Cadbury College has been successfully delivering A-Levels and BTEC courses for over 35 years and has a track record of providing an excellent educational experience. Here at Cadbury we recognise that for a lot of students the transition from School to College and from GCSE to A-Levels can a be difficult one. To help navigate this big step the college prides itself on having an extensive and constructive support network to help ensure that all learners realise their full academic potential. The college has in place extra layers of support on offer to all students to aid them in becoming, happy and successful independent learners who are able get to grips with the content of their courses. The additional support on offer to all students at Cadbury includes:

Tutorial Programme

Every student at Cadbury College benefits from their own Personal Tutor who they meet with weekly in a combination of one-to-one and group tutorials. The Personal Tutor is there to monitor, track and discuss each student’s progress as well as providing support and guidance about their future after Cadbury. Our tutorial programme is not just about reviewing student performance but is also there to promote student happiness and provide students with the life skills they need to be successful long after their time at Cadbury.

Learning Support

Cadbury College is an inclusive learning environment with an additional learning support department that is available to every student at Cadbury. The college is committed to ensuring that all students with additional learning needs are treated fairly and provided with all the necessary adjustments and provisions to allow them to fulfil their potential. In addition to this every student can take advantage of wide range of additional provisions including one-to-one mentoring with Academic Facilitators, quiet learning areas, group study zones and personalised improvement programmes. Our support is ‘tailor-made’ for each individual student to support their journey to success.

Student Services

If a student experiences any difficulties outside of college during their time with us our Student Services team is on hand to help with issues ranging from Health & Wellbeing, financial troubles and housing queries. In addition to the support of their Personal Tutor students can be referred for in house confidential counselling. Dependent on their individual circumstances students may also qualify for financial assistance during their studies with us. This includes our Student Finance Bursary Scheme, Free School meals and support with travel passes.