“I studied Law with English Literature & Language and Religious Studies at Cadbury Sixth Form College. I am now studying a degree in Law at the University of Birmingham.”

Aisha Zulfiqar

"Applied Science has been very enjoyable to learn over the past year as the units I have done have been interesting and fun to learn. The teachers are very good and supportive in every way throughout the course, helping me achieve my end goal."

Leila Hussain

"The Access 2 A Level Art & Design course has been so much fun! I can’t believe how much I learnt in such a short space of time.”

Joe Butler

“Biology has been such an interesting and enjoyable course. The teachers are very good at making sure you understand everything. They are very passionate about making sure that not only do you learn all the content, but that you also find Biology fun.”

Solomon McNeil

“I’ve really enjoyed my time studying A Level Business at Cadbury Sixth Form College.  I feel passing the Business course with a high grade will be a major factor for my future.”

Ateeq Shah

“Business has given me the opportunity to see how a business works and runs so I can pursue my own in the future.”

Nicholas Wood

“I have done Chemistry A Level at Cadbury Sixth Form College and the lovely teachers have helped me out in every way possible to achieve an excellent grade.”

Isheanesu Violet Sibanda

“Studying A Level Computer Science has taught me varieties of new skills and techniques for using Microsoft Office. The teachers at Cadbury Sixth Form College have helped me throughout the year and also helped me gain great work experience with companies like TATA Consultancy Services to help me prepare for university.”

Anood Rafi

“History has opened my interest to the past of both our own country as well as America. It has greatly improved my analysis and deeper reading due to the extremely interesting content which you are studying. This subject has increased my passion for learning past events which are significant in shaping the future.”

“English Literature has been one of my favourite courses this year. At first I struggled but the teachers are all so helpful that I quickly knew exactly what I had to do to get the grades I wanted. This course has definitely increased my love of Literature as well as my knowledge.”

Matthias Kappers 

“I studied Financial Studies with Travel & Tourism and Law at Cadbury Sixth Form College. I am now studying a degree in International Business and Management at Aston University.”
Ehtisham Adil

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