eduroam is a service available in most universities, FE colleges and research organisations in the UK, and in many other countries. It is also now available within Cadbury Sixth Form College. General information about Eduroam can be found at and information about Cadbury Sixth Form College’s implementation of the service can be found below.

As a member of staff or student you can use Eduroam to get secure, encrypted, wireless access to the Internet when in college or when visiting other organisations that offer the service.

When you visit other participating organisations your Eduroam wireless profile will automatically connect to the local Eduroam service. The level of network access given is set by the host institution and may vary from one institution to the next. A basic level of internet browsing should always be available.

When using the eduroam service, you must abide by

If you are visiting from a different organisation and having authentication problems please contact your own organisation for instructions.

It may also be helpful to check the eduroam service status page for information regarding any problems being experienced on the eduroam network, either at Cadbury College or your own institution


The eduroam SSID is eduroam in lower case.

Wireless type

To access the Eduroam service you need a device that supports WPA2-Enterprise security.

Your device should automatically switch between WPA/TKIP and the newer WPA2/AES (which may be called WPA2-Enterprise on the device) based on what the access point it connects to is serving. Some clients (e.g. MS Windows) do not do this and hence require two profiles, one for each type.

The EAP type is ‘PEAP’, if asked for a sub authentication type use EAP-MSCHAP v2.

Android Devices

If your android device will not connect, for the certificate option (this may be under advanced), select ‘Do Not Validate’.

Apple Devices

If your apple device is running iOS 14 or newer, before connecting, disable ‘Private Address’ by clicking the blue information icon for the eduroam network.

Username and password

For staff your Eduroam username is made up from your IDCard number and part of your email address

Staff = [email protected]

For students simply use your college email address

Student = [email protected]

Please use the same password you have to login at the college.

Radius server or Domain

If required by your device to enter the radius server or domain to authenticate against, this is

Try this if you can’t connect: How to create your Eduroam Profile

The following information is only for Cadbury College staff and students wishing to connect to the eduroam service.

To download an eduroam installer for your device, follow the link below and click on the download button. You will need to select Sandwell College from the offered institutions.

eduroam installer page

If you wish to manually configure your device you will need the following information.

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