Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Accountant, Actuary
Business/Financial Advisor
Business Owner Entrepreneur
Company Secretary
Corporate Management
Data Analyst
Finance Manager/Director
Financial Services/Banking
International Business
Sector Leader/Manager

Core courses

A Level Business
A Level Economics
BTEC Subsidary Diploma Business

A pathway designed for the careers with a theoretical and practical understanding of business and related topics. 
Students who are looking to go into business management areas including sales and marketing have the option of choosing an A-level, BTEC or CTEC business courses. Students who prefer examinations may prefer the A-Level Business course whilst students who prefer assignments and coursework may opt for a BTEC Business course. 
The business and financial services sector is the sector expected to have the largest number of jobs to be introduced. Estimates indicate there could be around 19,00 new jobs in the business sector to be filled in Birmingham by 2022. As well as these new jobs there will be around 71,000 positions that will need to replace workers who have retired or decided to leave the labour market.