Engineering and Design for Future Innovation


Architectural Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Automotive Designer
Construction & Civil Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Industrial/Product Designer
Project Manager
Sector Leader/Manager

Core courses

A Level 3D/Product Design
A Level Physics
BTEC Diploma in Engineering

A pathway designed for careers with an analytical, technical and design focus, passionate about creating the solutions of tomorrow.

The engineering and manufacturing sector is expected to have around 11,000 job openings over the next few years. A specific sector that is based around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic). Cadbury College offers a wide range of subjects that could progress into STEM careers or STEM courses at universities such as A-Level Mathematics. Cadbury offers Science A-Levels such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as Applied Science and CTEC Science. For those students interested in the technological and engineering aspects students will be pleased to know that we also offer Engineering, 3D/ Product Design that could help progress into a STEM career.