Student Testimonials

“I have studied French for five years and throughout these years the feeling of confidence I now have in my French communication skills is priceless.”
Soumaia Edbali

Maths has been an enjoyable challenge. It has helped me to develop my problem-solving skills and really made me think about the steps I am going through to get a solution.

Peter Whitehouse

“Geography has helped me develop life skills. Whilst studying I have become more empathetic towards people.”

Lydia Tavengwa

“I enjoyed working in graphics and developing and learning new techniques on various different software, such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. I feel the help and support given by the teachers means I’m able to get through the course and pass with a successful grade.”

Kaia Bashir

"I really enjoy studying Health and Social Care. I have learnt about child development and working standards in the professional environment. I have developed and gained lots of knowledge on key skills which will help me build a successful career for myself."

Aqsa Hussain

"I thoroughly enjoy Health and Social Care. It has taught me the laws and policies that protect people who are vulnerable. The subject has made my decision to pursue healthcare at university."
Megan Endall

“History has opened my interest to the past of both our own country as well as America. It has greatly improved my analysis and deeper reading due to the extremely interesting content which you are studying. This subject has increased my passion for learning past events which are significant in shaping the future.”

Owen Corfield

"Studying and learning the techniques and methods used in ICT has been very fun and interesting. It has made me interested in continuing it after I have finished college and has made me want to have a career in the subject. After college I hope to do an apprenticeship in the field of ICT so I can further my knowledge and understanding of the subject."

Charley Hume

"Studying at Cadbury Sixth Form College I have discovered that in our society it is our job to learn the legal system and work together to make a change."

 Kamran Rehman 

“Maths is a subject that inspires me. My passion for Maths enables me to excel in it. I want others to share in my passion.”
Theo Onisha

““I studied Graphics, Photography and Media and enjoyed all three courses at Cadbury Sixth Form College, all helping me to continue studying media, film and animation at university.”

Emily Hall

“Studying Music has really helped me to improve upon my technical skills and I have picked up many techniques that I can apply to make my performances as good as they can be. It has really helped me to build up my confidence and I plan to continue studying this subject when I leave College.”

Lauren Priddey

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