Student Testimonials

"Studying physics at Cadbury College has been really fun and interesting. The teachers were really supportive and the course has really helped me in going on to achieving my goals. The lessons were very interactive and involved lots of group work which has benefited my learning greatly"
Amy Ryman

“Studying Politics at Cadbury College has provided me with an enriching educational experience. The teaching is of a high standard and I’m sure that studying Politics will greatly benefit me in the future”

Jade Cook

"Over the course of the 2 years, I have spent at Cadbury College, my passion for Psychology has indeed grown, hence why I wish to pursue this subject further at University. I have gained a lot of knowledge from Psychology which I feel will prove useful to me in the future"

Maria Miah

“Whilst studying Religious Studies at Cadbury College I have developed a much clearer understanding and awareness of the world’s most popular religions. Religious Studies appeals to individuals who are inquisitive and willing to challenge their own attitudes and beliefs, as well as those of others”

Niyaz Ahmed

“I studied Sociology with English Language and Psychology at Cadbury College, achieving AAC. I am now studying a degree in Sociology at the University of Liverpool.”


"I am currently in my first year of BTEC sport & exercise sciences at Cadbury College. The subject gives me the opportunity to work on individual and team skills, whilst also allowing me to develop my knowledge in physiology so I can go onto University and study Physiotherapy"

Sheniqua Brotherson

Shelly studied A-Level Statistics, Art and Design (Graphic Communication) and BTEC Sub-Diploma Level 3 in Art and Design (3D Design).
She is now attending Birmingham City University, reading for a degree in Interior Architecture and Design.


“The Textiles course has been an amazing experience, with really good facilities and excellent tuition, giving you the freedom to express your inner creativity”
Bethan Pinnock

Sophia is now studying Business and Marketing at Coventry University. She hopes to use the experience she gained in organising trips whilst at Cadbury in a future career in marketing. 


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