University of Worcester Students Perform Bad Connection

University of Worcester Students Perform Bad Connection

Devised by Drama and Performance students at The University of Worcester, Bad Connection seeks to reflect upon our fragmented modern landscape of digitalised social communication. Ensnaring our impatience with another addictive box set, condensing the power of public debate into a re-tweet and silencing "Hello" into a “swipe right”.

How much of your life do you entrust to your phone? There are calendar Apps to fill up your days, health Apps to fix up your body and endless entertainment Apps to burn out the wasted time between. Not to mention the black hole of social media.  

A Level Geography Residential Field Trip

Bournemouth Travel & Tourism Field Trip

This year students studying Travel and Tourism and Geography will be heading to Bournemouth for 4 days in March on one of our residential trips. We will be studying the impact of tourism along the south coast, looking at some spectacular coastlines, and maybe even have a swim in the sea.
We will explore the famous spit at Chesil Beach, examine coastal erosion at Lulworth Cove at head over to Durdle Door, one of Google’s World Wonders and examine places where people’s houses are collapsing into the Sea due to coastal erosion. We will also have a look around West Bay, made famous by ITV’s Broadchurch. Students will assess tourism in Bournemouth and learn about the growth, stagnation and regeneration of the town.

Cadbury College Certificate Collection Day

Certificate Collection Day

On Wednesday the 10th of January former students of Cadbury College were invited back to collect their certificates. After a couple of years of hard work, students finally achieved their goals of gaining employment or securing a place at the university they applied to. We are happy to report our students are enjoying the next steps they have taken to achieve their career goals. Students also had great things about their time at Cadbury College and how it helped them get to where they currently are.Cadbury College is proud to be a college that provide an atmosphere to inspire our students and help students achieve the grades and develop the skills they need to progress onto the next chapter in their lives.

Below are some of the comments students made when reflecting on their time at Cadbury:

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