Cadbury Sixth Form College Merger Consultation

Cadbury Sixth Form College Merger Consultation

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Corporation of Cadbury Sixth Form College, Downland Close, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B38 8QT, in accordance with the Further Education Corporations (Publication of Proposals) (England) Regulations 2012, SI 2012 No. 1157, of the proposal for the transfer of its property, rights and liabilities to the Corporation of Sandwell College, Central Campus, 1 Spon Lane, West Bromwich, B70 6AW, and the subsequent dissolution of the Corporation of Cadbury Sixth Form College.

Sandwell College will continue to operate both existing college brands post-merger.
The date proposed for the dissolution of the Corporation of Cadbury Sixth Form College is 1st November 2018.

Students Evidence They Have The Character To Succeed

Envision - Team Binvaders

As previously reported in these news pages we have two teams of students taking part in Birmingham’s Community-Apprentice this year. This inter-school competition is a bit like The Apprentice on television. Young people have to develop, and crucially demonstrate, skills and personal qualities whilst managing their own projects. In this case, however, young people compete to benefit the community, rather than make the most profit.

Our teams have worked really hard since September researching problems, identifying an issue, planning what to do about it and overcoming a range of problems to make it happen. Now they have been reflecting on what they have achieved and the impact the experience has had on themselves and others.

West Midlands Safari Park Student Visit

West Midlands Safari Park Student Visit

On 21st May 14 Cadbury College students visited West Midlands Safari Park. Students that were part of the Librarianship enrichment programme got to visit the safari park as a reward for the volunteer work they have done throughout the academic year. The students get to choose one end of year trip as a reward for their volunteer work and this year they choose.

West Midlands Safari Park has a variety of animals each located in different areas of the site. The African plains section is home to the southern white rhino, giraffes, zebras Congo buffaloes and many others. Another area of the safari drive-through contains some of nature’s greatest hunters, from cheetahs to tigers there something for everybody.

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